One Husband, Two Kids... And I'm Only Nineteen! + My Life, My Love, My Kids

Rose was always more advanced than her friends when it came to growing up. But her life changed when she met Cameron, a boy who was three years older than her. Soon she found herself falling in love, and then at sixteen, she welcomed her daughter Becca. Now she's married, she's pregnant and she's just months from finishing high school! Book Two: My Life, My Love, My Kids... Two and a half years have passed since Becca's fifth birthday, and things have changed. Becca's seven now, Addy's four and the triplets are almost three! Rose has started college, but finds it difficult juggling home life and school life, learning that everything's changed since she was a pregnant high school senior raising a two year old. While the family are still happy, things are always changing, and there are new challenges for them all to overcome.
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my mum pregent at 16 with meee had me at 17 my twin 18  met my dad at 16 18 with  2 kids no husband  boommm
I have a question. I probably missed where it said this, but where do they live? I know it's in America, but where?
The fuck? My mom would Beat. My. Ass. Smh i gotta hand it to you for having a different story line though.
I love it. It's so sad that you're done with Wattpad though :( 

Or at least you don't have much time to update :(
If she's 15 and has a baby, then how is she 19? At the end of the story, is her age 19?
u are phanominal (<- not sure if its spelled like that) writer! i love how ur so discriptive

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