My Gorgeous, Perfect Best Friend

Carter and Estella are best friends, despite being completely different. While Estella is that clichéd quite, shy girl, Carter is the hottest, most popular and most wanted boy at  Rennaisance Academy. Estella, like most other girls, is in love with Carter, even though he is a major player. So what happens when Carter falls in love himself, with someone who isn’t Estella? And what happens when Estella finds out the evil, deceiving side of his new love?
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Interesting. A bit cliche but I love it! My story is cliche too. Don't worry.

Care to read my cliche story? Good Job~ Voted
I like the name of the school. Just noticed a few grammar errors, for example it's "won't" not "wont" Keep writing.
Oh wow, I thought this was amazing! I really liked this, it was so intresting and got me hooked!
I really like it (: It's a nice beginning, and it totally sucked me in. 
You're a really talented writer and I hope you go far with this story :3
I feel the same way! lol anyway I really didn't feel connected to the character.
I liked it! Great beginning, I thought, with great description too! Keep up the good work!

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