The Vampires Pet

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Mysterious-x-Girl By Mysterious-x-Girl Updated a year ago
Hallie is kidnapped and sold to a vampire as a pet. Basically she's his pet dog and food source all in one. Hallie hates him! He pets her and coo's at her. He feeds on her and takes away her innocence. When Sebastian loses someone very close to him he takes comfort in Hallie and the pair become closer. Hallie learns that even though he owns her, Sebastian is actually a kinda nice guy. So long as he gets fed and Hallie wears what he wants her to. He even promises to set her free... One day. But will he let her go? Or will Hallie forever be his pet?
FluffehMouse FluffehMouse a month ago
I do NOT want a boyfriend, and even more, a FIANCÉ like Dan
justtheotherday justtheotherday 2 months ago
Well you see...someone kidnapped then sell you to a vampire then you become his pet then whatever going to happen...ummm nah nothing seem to happen
ChrisIsMyBae4eva ChrisIsMyBae4eva 2 months ago
Sebastian (or Seth) seems to be used in a lot of vampire books...
ThorinsQueen77 ThorinsQueen77 4 months ago
I know we've never really met before, but tell me, does this rag smell like chloroform?
Zombie_Woman Zombie_Woman 6 months ago
This sickens me but hay I cant get my eyes off of the book!!!
katvoshere katvoshere 7 months ago
Sebastian seems like the nicest vampire around for now. Hunting humans????!!!! What the heck? That's cruel!