The Vampires Pet

Hallie is kidnapped and sold to a vampire as a pet. Basically she's his pet dog and food source all in one. Hallie hates him! He pets her and coo's at her. He feeds on her and takes away her innocence. When Sebastian loses someone very close to him he takes comfort in Hallie and the pair become closer. Hallie learns that even though he owns her, Sebastian is actually a kinda nice guy. So long as he gets fed and Hallie wears what he wants her to. He even promises to set her free... One day. But will he let her go? Or will Hallie forever be his pet?
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Except for 1/2 the words in the English Dictionary. She made a mistake. Get over it, fool.
I know we've never really met before, but tell me, does this rag smell like chloroform?
wow!!!!!!! my boyfriends!!!!!!! soft and gentle in bed ! are you forget you made her virgin
fine lets skip this part
i just finnished the chap.........this is just wow

and wow good not wow bad lol
But you just said she's a virgin! Unless she masturbated with her past boyfriends???
Sebastian seems like the nicest vampire around for now. Hunting humans????!!!! What the heck? That's cruel!

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