Werewolves & Demons (COMPLETED -- Watty Awards 2012) IN EDITING!

(TRAILER INSIDE!) On his 18th birthday Nick Veritti was ready to have it all—Alpha status, mate, children—but the day that was supposed to be the best in his life soon is turned upside-down when he meets his mate, Sara Compadre’, who does everything in her power to get away from him. Sara isn’t a werewolf or a human; in fact she’s something else completely. Running from her father who just so happens to be the Devil, Sara is terrified of connecting with anyone for fear that they will be pulled into the war that she herself wishes to escape. Will Sara’s and Nick’s love somehow manage to conquer all, or will they and the rest of the werewolf race perish in the war between Heaven and Hell?
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I JUST LOVE THIS BOOK!!!! This is my second time reading. I love how its so unique and well planned and descriptive and awesome and... .the list goes on!!!
OMG I LOVE THE TRAILER!! That music is the theme song for Charmed!! Ahhh!! And I loved how you used the pictures from Eclipse!!!
just finished read all of this part, and its perfect story...

i have fall for your perfect idea <3
You should defiently enter it in the WA C: And if you did could i make the cover? Pleasie please
I've watched the trailer and all I've got to say is I'm hooked already hope it's as good as everyone says it is.!
How did u get through it because I am in meed of help because I entered my book into the watty awards and its crap

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