Broken Love

//WARNING:THIS WAS WRITTEN A FEW YEARS AGO AND IS UNEDITED ANDD TERRIBLE IM SO SORRY// One word to describe Taylor Jules: Broken. Her family doesn't like, she's bullied and is depressed. But what about him? And what about those secrets? Follow Taylor as she uncovers truths about her, and others that she herself never knew about... //read the book guys, i suck at descriptions...//
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stupid bitches :/ </3 Poor Tj and I'm confused about Noah is he a good guy or not? Melissa's such a nice name wasted on a bitch like her :/ </3
Is he's name Blake of Noah slightly confused. I despise her sister Melissa suck rotten meatballs
Oh my God, this literally moved me to tears. I can't believe someone can be that mean...
Oh my gosh. Poor girl! That's so not cool. :'(
My eyes are tearing up!!!!!!!!! *snifffff* *sobb*
I'll be your friend!
that made my stomach twist. I feel for her and thats hard to do, get into the character so you know how they feel. You did a really good job :)
Also, that was so sad, but this book is already AMAZING! You are really talented(: And I think the actors you picked for the characters fit really well(:

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