Broken Love

//WARNING:THIS WAS WRITTEN A FEW YEARS AGO AND IS UNEDITED ANDD TERRIBLE IM SO SORRY// One word to describe Taylor Jules: Broken. Her family doesn't like, she's bullied and is depressed. But what about him? And what about those secrets? Follow Taylor as she uncovers truths about her, and others that she herself never knew about... //read the book guys, i suck at descriptions...//
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This is one of my favorite stories on wattpad i cant wait until you upload. :)
You are fucking amazing.......I live your writing so much it makes me cry
that made my stomach twist. I feel for her and thats hard to do, get into the character so you know how they feel. You did a really good job :)
oh my god this made me want to cry
haha I agree with her though love doesn't exsist and even when you don't believe and some one finnallly makes you they usually just end up breaking you more wether on purpose or not
This is exactly how I feel, nit the whole boyfriend cheatin thing though. I glad I found the person who could actually put those feelings into words
I love this first chapter its really good :)im gonna go and read the next part now. keep up the good work! x

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