{Hiatus} Bad Romance

When Jacob was little, his parents were killed. Now he's ran from his present, he's found his future in Bella ... but will his past and present ruin his future with Bella, from what it has made him? Can he move on? Can he survive it? Or will he be on the run from himself for the rest of his life?
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nice story. but I don't like Bella or the other girl. Jacob can do so much better
This is such an interesting story I really do hope that you update soon.  Awesome!!!!!!
Wow, this is really well written. :O I told myself I wouldn't read anymore Jacob Black or Twilight Fanfiction but this is too good to pass up. Gotta read it.
I really enjoyed that! It was quite interesting to see how Jacob reacted to what was happening with Simon at such a young age. Can't wait to read more :)

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