Vampire Academy Sequel The Beginning Of The End

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RozalittleDhampir By RozalittleDhampir Updated 3 years ago
Rose has a happy life with dimitri, the love of her life, but there are still things to be sorted. for example, adrian. They hadnt talked for years, but when lissa sees adrian drunk by the side of the road, Rose knows she has to put things right. will adrian find love? what will happen to tasha? read to find out! 

once again, not my account ( aime ) it is georgies so give her credit 4 that. she also helped me with some of the ideas such as meeting adrian at kfc and the kids names so creadit her 4 that as well. and credit her 4 being awesome.
Maddie_Leroy Maddie_Leroy 11 days ago
How old is James? And is this a first book of your writing or a second book etc... ? @RozalittleDhampir
TheOnlyWyssaFangirl TheOnlyWyssaFangirl 7 months ago
live. Laugh. Love. And read Ruby Red if you like this book!!
Kitty_whiskerz_ Kitty_whiskerz_ 8 months ago
Hahaha!!! LoL!!! *roflmao* (rolling on the floor laughing my a** off)
flor_lemus6 flor_lemus6 a year ago
Is this a first book or second or is a sequel from he last sacrifice from the actual author?
AnimalLover41 AnimalLover41 3 years ago
OMG, these is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO amazing so far! The way the characters act is exactly like it is in the series! You are great at catching their personalities! LOVE IT!!!!
belikov_maniac belikov_maniac 3 years ago
Thanku so much 4 dedcatng it 2 me it really means a lot n btw ur stories r really amazin..,