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Just filled with rants. Read at your own expense and remember: everyone has their own opinions and to each their own.
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@Irony_Is_Bittersweet Did you add to it? :D And I know! I saw that happen before, and I'm all, "Yeaaaaah no comment."
@PandorE Lol, you were 3 seconds ago and I was two seconds ago. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES!!! ;)
xD Exactly, my friend, exactly. 
I've read one or two of them for the lulz, and boy did I get lulz. NEVER AGAIN.
Bad girl! No cookie! Lol
As long as they're screaming and punishing you, you're alright. If they ever stop, that's when you're in trouble. :S 
Woah and all that was less than 2000 characters..... Woah! Great stuff! Highly impressive!

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