Loss of Innocence

He gave me hope.... But he took away my innocence and crushed me into irreparable pieces. Arabella Baine, a shewolf who wasn't blessed enough to be able to shift. The girl who was repeatedly raped and beaten. The girl who was forced to worked as a prostitute for her father's club. The girl who fell hard for her mate. Rylan Sauron, one of the most mysterious and fierce Alpha in the world. The one who was able to bring hope into Arabella's life and crush it into pieces. The one who was able to break her completely.
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yee me too you write in third person then in the girls point of view...what is with that? But anyway its a good story so far <3
God this is awesome! I don't think her mate is bad. He just behaves in a stupid way because he doesn't know.
I love it but why do you keep changing the way you write like when you said, His voice made her flinch than you wrote " I screamed in agony".
Yes ...please do...I'm interested in how this is going to play out. Wow..this poor girl...no real love anywhere.
to tell you the truth .. I love it .. i mean  when i finished reading this chapter i really want to cry.. AWESOME
i had to re-read it over and over to appreciate the emotion behind it great opening Chapter

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