Dragon's Nest [COMPLETED]

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RichardStaschy By RichardStaschy Updated 15 days ago
The daughter of a very famous wizard is on a quest to slay the most annoying dragon in the town called: Dragon’s Nest. She is accompanied by a cocky warrior and a goblin that prefers to pick his toes...
ABEhrhardt ABEhrhardt 3 months ago
It's pretty cool - I come from the era of punch cards and monospaced printers.
I like your story but what is the point of the pics in the beggining
artaholic- artaholic- a year ago
Lol what is on top?? it is like boxes and many symbols!
can you do the translation of the language to English?

Just kidding!

~ Alyssa ~
canttouchmeatqazw canttouchmeatqazw 2 years ago
this sounds incredably funny cant wait yo read the rest also nice dragon made out of the signs very clever