Mia James

Mia was just a child when she was placed into the foster system along with her older brother Moss. One thing leads to another and they both head down the wrong tracks. Her childlike innocence isn't so innocent anymore. Follow Mia's story through a downward spiralling childhood that most are fortunate enough to not have, and find out why Mia James is the hard headed, cold and gun happy person she is today.
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I hate to be pushing and sound like an annoying reader, but are you planning on contiueing this book or have you given it up?
Yay i loved her on NLG cause she was a Badass and she was pretty awesome. Can't wait FL read more about her. i love your books by the way :D
Yay. I loved her in NLG, she was a Badass and i can't wait to read more about her :D
i can tell its gonna be just as good as your other two books. i hope things become better for Mia and Moss
Update!!!!  Awesome writing btw, keep it up!!  And the editing Isn't that bad really, just focus on finding out what is gonna happen in chapter 4 :$
AWESOME! just like the book i read down below


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