Agatha's Guide to Character Writing

DISCLAIMER: These are just suggestions, you don't have to do them. I just think they may help. Do you have problems writing characters? Well hopefully this guide's for you. Enjoy exploring the emotional depth and range of your character, stabbing stereotypes in the face and developing realistic characters, not perfect ones.
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Thank you for this test! :) I never realized how many stories seem to fail this...
I always make my main characters have a Guyanese background. For me, it's hard to write a character's POV without going in depth about their culture/ethincity.
@EricVarkey @AgathaChristieLover I have a dictionary from the fifth grade.  I use it a lot.  Don't tell my teacher.  ;)
Wow great tips. ^^ i all try to use that in some stories thanks for putting this up
I think you might mean antagonists, not protagonists. 

Great guide. I wish more people would read this...
I guess it depends on your character and their personality. I find that if a character can be mentally strong, they've got a trait that isn't easy to find.

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