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_thepurplegiraffe By _thepurplegiraffe Updated 2 years ago
It's a tragic night when Alpha Bradley passes away.  The Council is giving Alex, the Alpha's eldest son, one month to find a mate, otherwise he won't be able to rule the Pack.  If he doesn't find a mate in time the Beta will become Alpha, and Alex hates the Beta.  Alex uses his gift to locate his mate.  But he never expected his mate to be an 18 year old high school senior who happens to be the schools biggest loser and all the way across the country...with a secret.

Things take a turn for the worst when the Beta, Robbie, shows up unannounced to try and kill Alex's mate.  Not to mention the fact that they aren't the only wolves in town.  What was once a mission to mate and become Alpha, turns into a mission to save his Pack and protect to his mate.
CrimsonShadowWolf CrimsonShadowWolf 2 years ago
At least when his mate hears the howl she will be drawn to it.  Not only because of his sorrow but for his longing.
misstwinkles misstwinkles 2 years ago
awwww the howling part is so sad. its like he is howling for his mate and dad,
Prishh Prishh 2 years ago
When I saw that she lived in North Carolina I got chills cuz I do too (:
There's red wolves in north Carolina.  They're indangered though.
TimeWillTell TimeWillTell 2 years ago
I don't think we have wolves in NC lol...My family had one as a pet once but I think that was a mixed breed (Who names a dog Bear?) I like it so far though. xD
CharlieCheshire CharlieCheshire 3 years ago
Me gusta "all the way in freakin' Egypt". I always joke to my best friend during the winter "Bro, you didn't have to park in frackin' Siberia."