Short Scary Stories To Make You Shiver In Fright

Bring all your friends, close all your windows, grab a flashlight, grab a blanket, get a bowl of popcorn, and prepare yourself for the scariest time of your life. Before you read any of these stories, check in your closet, look under your bed, and for goodness sakes, whatever you do, dont go to your basement or your attic. You never know what you may find or discover. This story group focuses on short scary stories that will scare the toughest of your friends and family. So lie down, relax, and prepare for a nigh full of horror. And just like R.L. Stine used to say: Reader beware, You're in for a scare......
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sad yes... i know how it feels. i lost my fiance the same way.i survived the accident.
in the first story I didnt tread that they were on a motorcycle so im like DA EF and then I read and felt really stupid... oh cmon you would've thought it too!
this is so sad i would love it if any one died for me this was coragous and brave
Why the hell would he want to comit suicide but it was sad and wasn't scary at all
Awwwwwww! but wait....when the girl said \" no its not this is so scary\", then the guy finally realize the brakes arent working?
Really good but if you think this is scary DO NOT PLAY AMNESIA THE DARK DESCENT.  that game has ways of getting in your nightmares

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