Finding Her

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TorturousElectricity By TorturousElectricity Updated 3 years ago
Jace Evans’s life is perfect. He just started High School and he has the perfect girlfriend, Violet Hathaway. So everything was perfect until the day where Violet gets kidnapped. Soon Jace starts getting anonymous letters, hinting on where his girlfriend might be. Jace is determined to find her no matter what it takes. But will he be able to save the love of his life before it’s too late?

* * *

Meet Jace, the guy who is usually sarcastic and funny but is now damaged after losing his girlfriend. He would do anything to get her back though. His four best friends are determined to help him get back Violet and to find out who the kidnapper is.

Meet Ethan, the sweet and smart best friend everyone could wish for. He would always be there for Jace even in his darkest days.

Meet Ren. He's a computer nerd but a complete idiot to everything else.

Meet Damon. He's your typical sarcastic, arrogant and funny bad boy you can't help but love.

And finally, meet Rose, the tough girl hiding under a sarcastic facade.
EXTREMEmusiclover EXTREMEmusiclover 3 years ago
This is your first story? Dayuuuum gurl! You got skills! I doubt you care about me saying that concistering you have nearly 400 comments on chapter 1. xD
kanoelanii kanoelanii 3 years ago
I like :] This is a cute start, although it's rather short for a chapter. I think you could lengthen the time they actually spend at the amusement park to build up on how amazing the day is. Then it would really throw the readers off when they read that Violet gets kidnapped. Good job though :]
MaryelizabethShaw MaryelizabethShaw 3 years ago
nice cliffhanger, can't wait to finish reading your book love always mary elizabeth ,s h a w
Semrahh Semrahh 3 years ago
Well ... that would explain how the psyco always knew what Jace was doing and how he/she/it was always one step ahead. I'm putting all my money on Ethan haha XD
Semrahh Semrahh 3 years ago
@NourElkhatib hahah guilty about what ???? and still. We're talking about the love of your best friends life! and your own best friend. I'd still freak out even if it were some guy I had met a couple days ago. I dunno.
roxxy2o9 roxxy2o9 3 years ago
The suspense in the last paragraph was really good and I like your dialogue! Good job (: