The Followers

This novel is due for publication mid 2011. I am a published author and am allowing a preview of this novel, posted as a series each week. I hope you enjoy it! Blurb: The night Gabe Mitchell finds his friend dead, life changes beyond all recognition. Exiled from where he grew up and his family threatened by the local prophet, Eli, the seventeen-year old turns to the police chief of a neighbouring town. But all is not right in Gabe's fiercely religious hometown of Prosperity. While the community prepares for its centennial, the relative peace of the township shatters. Men report nightmares and visions of an old woman—right before dying in their beds. Gabe and the chief, Jake Tucker, discover a history far darker than ever thought possible. Soon, the young man starts to have visions of his own and can't help but wonder if he'll survive to save his family in time. The Followers is a story of family, ancestry, and knowing blood really is thicker than water.
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A great and intriguing read Marissa. Really looking forward to the rest of The Followers - whether you post it on here or I buy the finished novel!
oh i hate them men

anyways upload soon i really love this:0

and congrats for getting it published i read your website:)

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