Counting the Stars

Two broken people. 9 frat boys. One house. Jace and Ripley both live in insanity. Both have lost their parents, both are fighting to put everything together. Ripley starts putting everything together, only for one painful situation to rip it all down. Jace is just focused on his band, throwing everything into his music. Is he the only one who sees the situation Ripley is in? Is he the only one who can pull her out of it, save her from her own denial? They need each other more than they know, and together they'll Count the Stars.
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EDIT! It flows, but it could be way better, If you DO edit then send me the link, I'll critique it then.
i read your story and it was very intruiging and interesting!
you have a talent for writing. follow it k?
It's about cliche, especially living with lots of boys. One tip is that you should use more description.
I love this already :D I am sometimes quite slow so I'm probably gonna struggle to remember who's who :L:L but I can't wait to read more :L
I like this :)
It draws the reader in quite a lot and makes them want to read more. 
Plus I absolutely love the name Jace. So it's just awesome already haha :D
yay first comment! anyway this was really good, well written, great details, and saw no mistakes!

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