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LIXIEN: Ano ba?! Why are you acting like a jealous boyfriend?! CLYDE: Damn it Lixien! Beacause I'am! Don't ever go near him baka hindi mo magustuhan ang gawin ko sa kanya! LIXIEN: But your not actually my boyfriend. CLYDE: Then be my girl! ||Two different person| Two different world |Two different personalities| Will this two collide?| will Lixien make Clyde to say 'SHE'S MINE.ONLY MINE'? Read the story to know!||
Koreana61 Koreana61 a month ago
Oh my God! Ang ganda po ng story na to. I bought a book. Yung Book 1 to 3. And nasa book 2 palang ako. Hahahaha. Nice story po^^
SydneyLumba SydneyLumba 2 months ago
Omo! SUHO <3333
my UB in EXO .. bibilin ko talaga yan.. haha.. SUHO <3..
CharleneMangahas CharleneMangahas 5 months ago
I was in national bookstore knina. and I saw the SMOM book. and I bought it! :)) I hope it's worth reading :)) but now I want to congratulate youuu
congrats author!
EricaSanchezII EricaSanchezII 5 months ago
Grave ang ganda talga. khit natapos ko na sobrang bitin pa ren para sken xD <3 clyde ;)
AlayneAshly AlayneAshly 6 months ago
I already read the Book 3 :) But it was bitin :( Hahahaha si Zayden was like his father so Cold :) hahahhaah :)
-hunhanism88 -hunhanism88 7 months ago
OMG! Suho Fanfic nga! Weeeeh Suho <3 :">
Hi Author~ Malapit na po akong bumili ^o^ Nagiipon pa xD