Sweet Disaster (Seth Clearwater / Twilight)

Seeing the world from Chanel Swan's point of view is like running through a meadow with pink sparkly flowers and a unicorn in the corner of your eye, the only problem would be that you're in such a hurry you won't be able to appreciate it. Seeing Chanel Swan from her point of view she seems unbeatable and totally kick-ass. Seeing Chanel from someone else's point of view makes her look like a cute chipmunk trying to get away with trouble. But seeing her from Seth Clearwater's point of view she's a goddess. But their love story isn't your usually cliché story. Their love story resembles the greatest love story of all times. Enough said... [I'm going to re-write in a not soon future]
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Ok yea!!!!! I was like is this a copy or the original version or does she just own two accounts :)
Same I'm lucky I have carpet in my room I literally fall onto the floor. Hard. Lol
lol, anyone who kills a spider in the name of food will automatically me my my friend too
I love Seth no matter what, but I'm still on team Jacob no matter what!!!!!!!!!! HIS LAUGH IS ADORABLE!!!¬°!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I loved it, Seth and Chanel are really cute together, even though they aren't together, hahaha. Can't wait for next update! :)
Can't wait for this story. I hope it's as good as I Can't See Clear. But I know you're an amazing writer already. So the expectations are high! ;)

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