Shadowed Demon

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_WintersGirl By _WintersGirl Updated 11 months ago
Sapphira wants to be strong. 

Branded as the weakest member on the Starling team, she constantly fights demons to prove herself and everyone she was not weak. Though when put down by her father and teammates, she searches for a way to show Shadowed Gifts Hall they were wrong about her. She finds it.

A new demon has shown up on Earth, and it is now her goal to defeat it.
bradmcquaid bradmcquaid 2 years ago
Sorry, I've been on vacation. No problem! I'm always gonna stand up for an awesome story<3 Just keep writing this amazing story!:)
DestinyGeo DestinyGeo 3 years ago
I'm a bit confused as to what is going on but I'm sure it will explain itself in the chapters to come. I like how you started with a diary entry and the main character seems to have a thing about 'destiny' lol. Nice start :)
OOmyhappyendingOO OOmyhappyendingOO 3 years ago
I want to know why she was so keen on thinking that this was her destiny. I wonder why she also walked 200 miles to get to a school which she probably feels could change her life
TigerBee TigerBee 3 years ago
The journal entry in the beginning was a good way to start your story but what do you mean by - "I slept under there?" did you mean some particular place?

There is a sense of awe I'm left it and I want to know more.
Good job. :)
Londonandeye Londonandeye 3 years ago
I loved the diary entry; original and rather attention grabbing.
AllThingsNice AllThingsNice 3 years ago
I love how this started. It's a mystery and you just want to know whats going on. Great =)