YA Holiday Romance Novella

Ever since his girlfriend died in a car accident on Christmas Eve, 19-year-old Cheshire Morgan has been…well…a Grinch. With a dislike for Christmas and his rent two months late, his only option is to take a job playing Santa for a bunch of whiny kids.

Then he meets Savannah. She tells him that his girlfriend’s spirit can’t move on to Heaven until Cheshire stops clinging to the past. He doesn’t believe her, but she’s annoyingly persistent. She makes him a deal–spend the holidays with her, let her try and teach him how to love Christmas again. If she fails, he’ll never have to deal with her again. But can the spunky girl crack the ice around Cheshire’s heart in time for Christmas?
I don't understand how this isn't more popular. This is already one of the best written stories I've ever read and I'm on the first few chapters! Keep it up. I'm definetly voting.
The names. I love them. Kia, Shae, Arii, Cheshire. . . I love the names!
I love the contrast between the two characters. And I'm excited to see how Chesh's characters grows and develops.