Can We Seriously Be a Family? (Fred Weasley FF)

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Did you know that Voldemort had a daughter? Well he did, and her name is Marley Ann Riddle, she has a daughter of her own, and they have been in hiding from her Father since her mother died, but now they caught up to her. What will she do now? She can not go back to her father, she can not let them know about Clary, and her powers. So she escapes with her daughter to the Weasleys, but what will happen when the daughter of he-who-must-not-be-named falls in love with the hilarious and teasing Fred Weasley? Or that she finds out she is not just a muggle? Read this crazy, romance, action packed story about love and magic!
Wow well then if it 'irritates' you so much  then stop reading the fvcking book and stop commenting rude things
                                    You could've at least said that nicely. It's okay to correct people but how you phrased was mean and unnecessary. If you weren't trying to be mean then next time please phrase your comment differently.
Apsolutely fantabulosoipiskeyinasticksy! Never give me sugar. I love all of your books! And yeah. I understand why you like fred so much! I'malso writing a fred fanfic- though its crappy! Its called forever and always! Thanks a mil4 bein awsome! X sarah
I absoloutley love this story! Ive re-read it 4 times already! Keep up your awesome writings!
Hope you know there is no June 31st lol, just June the 30th. I love the book!!
Omg I have a book called Clairessa Zabini and her is Rose!