The Alpha Chronicles: Legacy

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_ShadowSheWolf By _ShadowSheWolf Updated 3 years ago
Spin-off from Wolf Like Me: Ezra didn't ask for the life of a werewolf, but he learned to endure it. His upbringing was different from others of his kind, but eventually, he gained respect from other wolves. Perhaps it was too much, and soon, jealously is born, and the person he thought he could trust unwaveringly is thrown into new light. The brutal battle to being Alpha begins, and though humans need not apply, one finds herself thrust into werewolf politics. The line between the human and supernatural world begins to thin, and it's time for everyone to learn just who the real Alpha is.
Soniador Soniador 3 years ago
@CapriLore Lol! I was thinking the same thing! =P ...except I dont like Jacob. Anywho...

Though I still prefer your dragon stories, I must admit this is a pretty cool story! I actually think its better than Wolf like Me. It must have taken you forever to indent all these paragraphs, though!
CapriLore CapriLore 3 years ago
This is a unique twist... sort of reminds me of Stephenie Meyer's Breaking Dawn... how they can connect to each other telepathically. Is it just Elizabeth and Ezra in a pack then?