love me deadly

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KrystleClees By KrystleClees Completed
Heather never really like any guys at her school, she never felt a connection for any guys all. Little did heather know, she was born for someone else. She has a soul mate, who pretty much wants nothing to do with her.

 heather stumbles upon Jakes house and his brother invites her in, once she meets jake she instantly gets attracted to him. Unfortunatly Jake doesnt believe in love anymore. Jake takes her but has no plans on loving or showing any affection toward her. He bonds with her to make sure she can't leave but wants nothing more from her than an occasional feed.
 Heather attempts to escape from Jake and his abuse but gets stuck when she thinks he may just be falling for her
LynneLeialoha LynneLeialoha 5 months ago
omg saddest beginning I've ever read! but interesting!! you've got me hooked already
LynneLeialoha LynneLeialoha 5 months ago
stumbled upon your book and justnow have the chance to read. love the cover!!!
Calciferr Calciferr 11 months ago
When will book two start!!!??  I just read this in one sitting its really good! !!!
rockergal360 rockergal360 2 years ago
u r truly talented btw z there a 4th bk after my demon lover
Zenia07 Zenia07 2 years ago
Evrything felt so gud until d end wich was kinda wierd!!other den dat it was well written!luvd d start!thums up!:-)
Zenia07 Zenia07 2 years ago
Nic 1!i've read it nd cant wait to read more!wat abt d nxt buk????gud wrk bdw!:-)