Illegal Innocence (Student/Teacher Relationship)

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What happens when you fall in love.... illegally? Do you avoid it, or continue with it? Avery Winters is facing that hard question, and doesn't know how to answer it. When she starts school, she believes it's going to be a good year. But when she meets the new English teacher at school, she begins to feel a spark between them. She finds it hard to stay away from him... but it's not just her. What happens when both of them can't keep away from one another? Do they fight it, or give in to their need for each other?
dont change the story because some idiots are too stupid to know that this was happening before pll even started!!!
Can't tell by your profile or anything that you love Pretty Little Liars :P
I absolutely love this story so far! I have spent my entire night and day reading it!
@jess5611 ooohhh well thanks for the info. and now I agree, that does seem annoying. I can see why the author got so pissed off.
@jess5611 not to be mean or anything, but in all honesty what is PLL even about? I never got what it was about.
Seriously why do people think that every student teacher relationship book is based off of pretty little liars. There were books about it before that show even aired so people should stop thinking that every book about str is based off of that show. It gets annoying