Illegal Innocence (Student/Teacher Relationship)

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Courtney Michaele By Courtney Michaele Completed
What happens when you fall in love.... illegally? Do you avoid it, or continue with it? Avery Winters is facing that hard question, and doesn't know how to answer it. When she starts school, she believes it's going to be a good year. But when she meets the new English teacher at school, she begins to feel a spark between them. She finds it hard to stay away from him... but it's not just her. What happens when both of them can't keep away from one another? Do they fight it, or give in to their need for each other?
i like the love & support you have for your story. Do not change it just because some idiots don't like it. It is your story so if they don't like it, they are a million stories on here, they can read something else. @RainySkky
I love PLL. If its like PLL its okay bc like they are barely together and you will obviously have a different plot twists and all. But oh well idk.
O: I love that show. But no one cares..... that's cool......
Huh? Really? I'm surprised—but happy—I thought I would get SO many hate comments. My female teachers keep talking to all us girl students saying,"Oh, did you see last night's episode of Pretty Little Liars." There are better things like Doctor Who and Supernatural.
Even if it was like pll who cares? What's it to any of you out there? If you don't like the story then don't read it. Simple
f pll man. who gives a flying biscuit. I mean I used to watch it but it's so boring and predictable nowadays. And wayy overrated.