Body & Soul, SoulEaters Book 1

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_AVeryDaringGirl By _AVeryDaringGirl Updated 7 months ago

Jaeson is a werewolf but he's unlike any other in his pack. He is a rare form of the ancient SoulEaters, the race that was thought to have been wiped out in the early 14th century. 

The SoulEaters; the one race of shifters that killed everyone and everything that stood in their way of consuming the earth. The trouble with Jaeson is that he has no idea what he is.

The pack's Alpha, Michael has a pretty good idea of what Jaeson really is and he's determined to expose him. Even if it costs Jaeson his life.

Much to Michael's chagrin, Jaeson is sweet and kind and exactly his type. So, what should he do now that he's on the verge of falling for the young shifter?
xVampFangs24x xVampFangs24x 3 years ago
Dang... Addicted To This Book Already. Lol. (: Excited To See What Michael Does... Can't Wait For Next Upload!<3
Emmalee_Sky Emmalee_Sky 3 years ago
oh, what an amazing start! i'm already hooked! off to the next chapter!
Lala93 Lala93 3 years ago
I really like it so far. Can't wait to read more. PLEASE update soon. I'm begging on my knees :< lol
DuckyOray DuckyOray 3 years ago
this story is really good im hooked you have a new fan ;D and i really like how this story is in such detail cant wait for the next chapter im so excited XD
righttonn righttonn 3 years ago
haha love the warning in the beginning. obviously, if you don't like boyxboy then don't read it. haha love this!
tmaners555 tmaners555 3 years ago
Like I mentioned before, you have a gift for descriptions.  I like your story too.  YOu have hooked the reader in 3 pages  which can be hard to do.  I noticed a couple grammar errors, but not many.  I really like your cover also!