The Not So Secret Life of Helena Callahan: Blood Thirsty [Book III]

Helena Callahan’s time is up. King Artemious has called upon Helena, and now she must fight against the infamous Noah Turner, in a battle – to the death. The only problem is that she isn’t ready. With school, work, and playtime with her beloved boyfriend; she’s found little time for training. And to top it off, her clan mates—The Untouchables—think she’s slacking. In a moment of sheer desperation, Noah and Helena embark on a dangerous, bloodlusting journey to save and protect her. Only there’s a small catch, the vice that saves her might also be the thing that destroys her. Helena’s world is about to change . . . forever.
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I just... This Darien is so sweet,  I'm not used to it hahaha! Well sooner or later someone will stir some drama sooo... Meh.
Man i jst finish book 2 heartless they are crazy wild cool annoying and jst that couple.....
Darien ( Water ) and Helena (  oil ) won't mix. That's why they are meant for each other
I dunno... I'm still rooting for Noah X Helena! Arranged them 4 marriage or something!
i havent been on wattpad long, but i cant find book 1, can some1 tell me where i can find it?
Just finished reading your Helena series and I love it!!! Please please please write a fourth book! Thanks sooo much

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