Turning Sands

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Somber :) By Somber_Kitty Updated 3 years ago
Laila never really like museums and the Egyptian Museum was no different but when she stumbles upon a hall and tries on some stuff she wakes up and finds herself in Ancient Egypt with an Angry king Tut.
I know a lot about the Egyptians of the long past. Pharaoh Tutankhamun is my personal favorite.
I luv the movie the prince of egypt
                                    It was my childhood movie
just wanted to say that I'm Egyptian and if you want ay help with the stories, wether it's the language or the history I'd be happy to help. قصتك حلوة that's "your story is good" in arabic ;)
first I'd like to say that I enjoyed chapter one and second: I
very good so far except from what i've learned Seth was the god of the underworld if you want i can tell you all the gods and what their duties or whatever you want to call them were other than that your story is very well written and a great read :)
tut+time travel= Awesome. XD and lol I also have a story involving Tut but with magic instead of time travel... wait... time travel is magic XD