Cookie Love [Watty Awards '12]

Rosalie is a cookie monster. When she runs away from her life, her crush - Jake and work, she ends up in a small city namely Rethern. Enter Vincent, a guy who loves cookies as much as she does. Eventually,she starts to love her new life, the one without complications. When she finally begins to rediscover herself and enjoy her life,Jake comes back. Can Cookies bring two people together? What happens when Jake finds her? Will she ever succumb to her old life? When two worlds collide, hearts will be broken. Read to find out ;)
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Mr. Asshole. Why doed that make me laugh? Oh right, because I had an asshole of a boss last year looool
Lmao. She takes cookies to a whole NOTHER level looool. I always choose the stomach lol
The introduction of Jake is interesting. And nice plot twist! Now I want to know who messed up the design :-)
So cute! And I love the war she has with herself over eating the cookie! Adorable!
its really good but i think honestly it would be such a good book you could make it go on for longer!xx
I had to vote after i read organ wars, the stomach/brain argument goes on all the time in my head. You finished nanowrimo right?

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