Ticking Clocks

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Six best friends. One epic adventure. 
    Sophia, Brooke, Alyssa, Chase, Derek, and Eli have just graduated college. Before going off to graduate school and becoming busy with their future careers, they make a plan to travel to as many cities in the world as possible--in one summer. The six friends plan for a summer of adventure, but life takes an unexpected turn when Brooke falls ill due to a hereditary disease. But Brooke tells her friends to go on without her, saying it was one of her wishes in life to travel the world. 
    So Sophia, Alyssa, Derek, Chase, and Eli make it their goal to make Brooke's wish come true. They travel around the world, against clocks that are ticking away at Brooke's life as doctors scramble for a cure. Because if Brooke couldn't make her wish come true, her friends would.
Okay then.. Most of the characters are blinds, or brunettes....
Yup, they are definitely a tight group of friends and nice bunch of people. =) xxx
That was an awesome extract. The characters all seem nice so far. =)
                                    I already feel so sorry for Brooke =/ xxx
This story sounds like it is going to be really good, just like all your others haha. Hmm...I vote D for the title. Ticking Clocks just suits the story more, to me. But that is just one girl's opinion haha.
Love this story!!! At one point you say Alyssa and Connor smiled at me, I'm just wondering who Connor is? 
                                    LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH!!! :D:D:D:D