The Deleted (Soon to be Re-Done. Sorry!!!)

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_CateyBug123 By _CateyBug123 Updated 2 years ago
Have you ever heard the stories about Area 51? Experiments, aliens, monsters? 

What about human testing? Join June as her world is turned up side down when she is captured by the goverment.
DezertFlower DezertFlower a year ago
Great! this is truly my reading about this kinda stuff
gabixP gabixP a year ago
AWESOME FIRST CHAPTER EVER!!!!! OMG:O thts awful waylt happened to her friends lik wtf!? But WOW! Im dumbstruck her family is just awful
Dianache Dianache 2 years ago
Wait is that it?!?! I thought she would get abducted and then put into human testing!
SamDonald SamDonald 2 years ago
Great start! Very interesting! My only criticism is a few typo's. :)
Haley05 Haley05 2 years ago
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!!!!!! Keep writing!!!!!!!! Your so good!!!!!!!!