Who Knew Myths Could Come Alive In School?

After showing each student’s misery at home, it shows all of them hanging out at school. Everything goes good until last period when they all have the same class – Mythology Class. While studying about Norse Myths, the teacher magically disappears and turns into Odin – The Ruler of the Norse Gods. The souls of the children then reveals themselves, showing how each child is actually the reincarnation of an important character in Norse Mythology which starts Norse life again, ending with Ragnarok – The End of the world. Will it really end like it had in their studies? Or will everyone survive?
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@gomezluvr  I am on msn i just put "appear offline to this contact" because you made me sad :(
Dang! THis is almost like Percy Jackson with Greek Mythology and The Read Pyramid with Egyptian mythology. THIS IS SO COOL! :D POST SOON! :D

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