Charm ~ The Order of the Phoenix sidestory

Charlotte "Charm" Pellington is a sixth year with quite an interesting life. Her best friend, Cassandra Faumo is in the middle of a four pointed love drama, while Charm is deeply in love with Seamus Finnigan, the Irish fifth year with a tendency of blowing up stuff. And with Fred and George Weasly and Lee Jordan as best friends, Charm's life at Hogwarts is everything but quiet.
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@Annerf Äsch då, är handlingen tillräckligt bra så kan man ha överseende med det! :D
@Annerf Det känns redan som en story som jag skulle kunna läsa flera gånger, faktiskt... :D
@Annerf Åh, härligt! :D Ska ta en titt på den med så snart jag läst klart den här~ c:
Av det lilla jag lä it! :D Kommer fortsätta att läsa, helt klart! <3
i will do a love story reaction on thiss!! it may need t have a few more chapters though so please upload! `~Cherry the shoulder Angel/Devil
Very good Anne ;) you're good with the details, and you don't hurry through the story as many do...

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