Short Stories

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Short Stories: BOYXBOY

1. A Neko And His Alpha Mate - Mika, a cute little Neko kitten, has disobeyed his big bad Alpha mate and needs punishing for it. Warning: BDSM, S&M

2. A Special Visitor - Six weeks is a long time to spend away from the one you love. So what happens when Caden receives a surprise visit from a very special somebody? 

3. My Big Brothers - Luke hates waiting with a passion. So when he finally gets to see his two big brothers after a whole four weeks of waiting to see them, he's ecstatic. Warning: Incest, Threesome

4. Never Leave Me - Landon and Baily decide to break up after a few too many petty fights. But fate has other plans for the devoted couple, and after a serious accident, they finally realise that.

5. It's A Three Player Game - Brody and Oliver have finally had enough of their best friend 'accidentally' walking in on them having sex. Warning: Threesome

6. Always Yours - Caleb and Theo face the ultimate challenge of defeating all problems in their past lives and present personalities as they work towards creating a perfect, everlasting relationship. Warning: Abuse

7. Age is Just a Number - Little Luka loves his big brother, but how much does Isaac love him? Warning: Incest, Age difference

8. Payment - When it comes to Ayen and Dante, everything has a price.

9. His New Toy - There's only one thing Benji wants from Oscar. To find out that Oscar wants just the same and more, has Benji speechless.

10. Inseparable - Levi is trapped with a mate that doesn't want him but one thing leads to another and suddenly everything changes. Can Levi learn to forgive years of abuse?
I love nekos. I love werewolfs. I love boyxboy stories. Aka...... THIS IS PERFECT *faints*
hi can i ask you some thing. do you have account on asianfanfics? because I found same story except different character name. Here's the link
Okay! *sniffles* I'll do that right away! @TheHalfBloodPrince36
@TheHalfBloodPrince36 no worries about you replying late! It's fine…
I'd love to work on it with you cause I've never really done anything like this before.
Hey @TheHalfBloodPrince36 would it be okay with you if I took this kind of idea and made it a full story? If possible… we could work on it together, I'd love to work with you because I admire your work so much. Yours with great admiration, Taylor
@sourwolf__ bdsm: bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism

S&M: sadism and masochism