Remy Unenchanted

‘A seventeen year-old fairy godmother trainee gets a new assignment: The hottest GUY at school. Easy, right? Wrong.’ Magically poofing in somebody’s bathroom while that somebody is taking a shower is not the best way to start off a friendship—that, Remy learned the hard way. After screwing up her previous mission months ago, Remy, a teenage fairy godmother trainee, gets another assignment. And it’s not just another assignment: She’ll be having a MALE ‘godchild.’ To make it worse, he is the school’s hottest guy, a.k.a. Kyle Hughes. Oh, and let's not forget that she had a major crush on him since, like, forever. But when she magically appeared in his shower, everything went wrong. He hated her, he called her a pervert, he was convinced that she was deranged and mentally-retarded, and he didn’t want her help at all. But with Remy’s wish to have a full-on career as a certified fairy godmother at stake, she’ll do just about everything to find Kyle’s happily ever after, even if it did involve quite a few tricks, snakes, broken magic wands, more of her famous screw ups, nasty witches who are out to get her, and her heart breaking. Question is: What about HER happily ever after? Well, with her magic wand and her awesome poofing skills, anything is possible—NOT.
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OMG MY NAME IS REMY I can't wait to read this book something tells me I'm in love with this book already:D
This was a genius idea for a book! *Hands you props* There. I have given you props.
Firstly, I love your cover and its amazing. Already I'm loving your story with just the summary and I can look forward to reading more :)
just reading the summary only and i already wanna start reading the whole thing!!! :D dang i'm hooked!!!! :D
Love the voice of the narrator(: and the story lone seems great with the romance and the fair ly godmother and what not(: deffinetly voting!(;
I admit, it seems cute! I like the idea, and the twist. Teenage fairygodmother... I never thought about that. Great job, and you write well.

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