It Was Always You (A Ricky Dillon fanfiction).

I'm Alexandria Tyler. Alex for short. I'm a normal 18 year old girl, dreaming to be in a Broadway musical. I moved to California, to find plays or small roles in movies to act in. But chances at being in plays weren't the only thing I stumbled apon. I met Ricky Dillon, the internet-famous youtuber along with his 'Our2ndLife' friends, too. We hit it off, hanging out at Cafés after my performances, recording videos together, goofing around on the weekends; just being the close friends we were. But then Dan Howell rolls up, instantly winning my heart, and crushing it into pieces like it was trash, suddenly after a happy relationship. And that made me realize how blind I was. How incredibly stupid I was to not see that it was Ricky all along.
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Lol for a second I thought that the plane stopped in the air and I was like AHHHH
i feel like the nickname "moose" is a supernatural reference but maybe that's just me. i mean there's already been a sherlock and doctor who reference so.
If they're just moving into an apartment, how can there already be furniture in it?

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