SWEET (Lesbian)

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BananaFish By BananaFish Updated 4 years ago
Saint, that's her chosen name and if she has her own way no one would know her real one. If she has her own way a lot of things would happen, her mom would have never left, she would be normal and she would get to be with Nika. Yup, she's just another teenager in Toronto, she has a best friend to die for and a massive crush, the kind that makes you feel high on drugs and want to die at the same time. Just another teen... except her crush is a girl. Nika, Italian, hot and a big tease. Saints just trying to survive high school and she almost does too, until Nika decides to have a little fun.
Oh please don't bring sexuality into this, if you have a problem, don't read it (totally not trying to be rude, just honest)
Thats how big my house is... But of course I have the smallest room
Are you a lesbian cause that wrong I'm straight God created man and women and also God judges you at the end
But did no one else notice that she said there's probably a hamster somewhere under the bed?... Poor thing probably died.
I have a feeling her friends a "dyke too"  love that word but hate it when people call me it. Weird right? Ah
im bi but I prefer girls. there's not a lot of guys out there that seem to get my interest.