Scary Stories

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_HaileyandShay By _HaileyandShay Updated 2 years ago
Hailey and Shay did not write these!
camzale553 camzale553 9 months ago
How if you don't see him and you in the reflection? big hole in the story
sineadavies sineadavies 2 years ago
you know the part that it says: ''There are No windows in the kitchen, only mirrors'' the person was behind her the hole time
dannyoliva dannyoliva 2 years ago
Can they put more to the story because it just stop's with leaving you confused and with a lot of questions !!!!!!!???????!?
dragonlover0123 dragonlover0123 2 years ago
its awesome i wish there was another chapter i wanna know what happens next
U_Frikin_Farquaad U_Frikin_Farquaad 2 years ago
COOL! i don't know why but when i read they were ripped to bits and thrown across the room i started laughing uncontrollably XD Violence always makes me laugh
Good story though keep it up! :)
old_account2012 old_account2012 2 years ago
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