Picture Perfect

Tyler had everything he'd always wanted, his picture-perfect life; the gorgeous husband, the amazing kid, the wonderful job and the beautiful home. Until his husband left him for a blonde, rich actor, leaving Tyler alone with no place for him and his six-year-old adopted daughter, Saskie. His sister, Siobhan, is worried that Tyler might become depressed, but Tyler has other ideas. After throwing all of Colin's things into a wood-chipper, he buys an art gallery in England, and moves there with full custody of Saskie. Tyler begins to feel that maybe a divorce was just what he needed to start afresh and Saskie's favourite teacher, Elliot, is definitely one of the highlights of the new neighbourhood. Can Tyler settle into his new life and find more happiness with Saskie, or will old memories be too much for him to handle?
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AWWWWWWWWWWWZZZZ!!! hahaha XD Srry same comment as six others but I just felt the feels  XD
When you said from Texas, I just couldn't control my laughter! I'm from Texas and that really just was too funny :)
Your Irish. 
I'm also Irish. I like it when I find more Irish people.
AWH what are best friends for? And the names for the characters are so different.
Stupid collin... i was cracking up when she said she wasnt a gay man, i dont know if it was supposed to be funny........ it was amazing!
one of the best book i've read about boyxboy so far... :) I love how you do the love scenes.. it's not dirty and slutty.. :D

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