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Melody loves to draw, she really good at it as well! all her teachers(apart from her art teacher) tell her if she was as good at math, english ect ect, she would be able to do her GCSE's one year early. Its all she dose, all she wants to do. She's always wanted to win money for her art so she can help others less advantaged than her. Mel-as her friends call her- has one billion friends and is never alone, untill she starts to read, write and espcaly draw; then she is completely at peace... When she's alone all she wants to do is draw, read or write. But when her best friend kate dose somthing unforgivable who will she turn to? And what will happen when her lifelong dream comes true?
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I luv it, it has great descriptions and i bet it'll be a gud homework =) wel dun SIS

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