Chimera (Book 2)

Sara and her new family are back. Everything in her new life is great and Sara's outlook on life looks good. Then tragedy strikes her again and she is forced into hiding. Follow Sara the brown furred, green eyed cat in this sequel to Pelliccia.
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I can't wait for more! I really liked the first book and now I'm on chimera and can't wait to keep reading more.
Absolutely love the stories. They're unique in many ways and use cliches to their advantage, like a good book should. Keep up the great work!

oh ok lol. Cause that's one ugly Chimera xD you should get it animated. :)
I cannot wait for your sequel to be up! I loved this book! Do you have any idea when it may be up? Thanks
@hajj98 Thats true. There were a lot of different visions of the greek chimera, but that was the most common, a lion, goat, and snake
@Samas0789 What was your animal again? I keep forgetting. The title of this story reminded me of it

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