We're all in love tonight (Frerard)

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_MyChemicalPancake By _MyChemicalPancake Updated 2 years ago
Gerard and Frank both meet in college and it seems that they are perfect for each other! But Frank has a dark past that could threaten to break them for good.
mikeywayfan31 mikeywayfan31 3 years ago
Awesome story! Hehe I fell out of my chair when Ray said 'keep it pg 13 Gerard!'
@RachaelRAWR There you goes again. Haha, now I have to get him twice as excited to win him back XD
@RachaelRAWR He always has to leave early in the morning... THAT'S NO FUN *pouts*
Haha, Gee's at my place. But he's going. I promised I would share. Haha XD
@RachaelRAWR Ohlahlahlah! Maybe Gee might give you some "inspiration" ;D
I have to wait until next Sunday to see Mikey D:
I still have Frankie, so all is well XD
@RachaelRAWR Haha, how could I forget? It sounds fun. I've gotta scar more people. I think I'm going to start screaming dirty lyrics out in public more often :D
@RachaelRAWR Lol, gotta keep it PG around the kids. Haha, officially stolen, if you don't mind ;D
It'll drive my brother NUTS, cause I talk about them NON-STOP! XD