Do I look fat in this? Story Of A Insecure Teenager.

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"As I stepped in front of the mirror, I flipped on the light, hoping to get a better view of myself, or better, dreading the view of myself. I let the towel slip a quater of an inch, before letting it go completely. It was the first time in months I'd dared to look at myself without clothes." Meet Cassie Rivers, every girl wants to be her. but when she looks in the mirror, all she sees is ugly and fat. When she moves from Florida to California, she meets Jace Carter, a gorgeous teen, who she is falling for fast. What other drama is around the corner for Cassie?
Sorry I know it's Cassie but my french autocorrect doesn't accept it ! x)
Jace is funny and that girl katie is so fake.....if she had to deal with me i would've slapped her back.
I'm listening to "Try" on replay reading this. It's kind of sad and emotional listening to this girl not feel confident about herself.
ohh snap! *clicks fingers in a Z formation* GUURL YOU JUST GOT BURNT THE FCUK OUT! XD
                                    this story is amazing so far!
oh my god this is phenOMENal!! haha i hope this sort of thing (not nessisarilly the bitch & slap) happens when i move (new girl in the eighth grade, THATll be fun )
@Octodog98 i know i just noticed right now who the main guys are those are my babies