Vampire Knight FANFICTION "Resonance"

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Tafuanya By Tafuanya Updated a year ago
Yuki and Kaname have found living in the same town as Zero has become to dangerous. Knowing this, Kaname takes Yuki to a secret village in which only he knows about. This village is found in the middle of a forest almost compleatly out of view. Something about the village makes Yuki feel uneasy. Is this just a feeling, or is something really coming for Yuki?
Aliente Aliente 2 years ago
I loved the ending. And I wanted more, but, great job with the books. I just loved them ;)
azalina12 azalina12 2 years ago
do you know when the vampire knight resonance episodes will come out?
xXYuki_PureBloodXx xXYuki_PureBloodXx 2 years ago
i have been waiting for 8 Months for Resonance to be posted. when will it start to be posted? 

PS: My old username was GraycedeGroot
valcristie valcristie 2 years ago
@Tafuanya wen is it this season 4 coming i realyyyyyyy want to read it
TyrahSoles TyrahSoles 3 years ago
@Tafuanya oh yeah one more web site it's called where you can get updates from the creator of the series etc. also you can type in the search box and look for whateva manga you want like vampire knights.....
kaninslickare kaninslickare 3 years ago
I really hate that Zero N Maria should be in love. x-x It should be Zero and Yuuki :< His love will conquer.. Kanames.. Lmao ):