Vampire Knight FANFICTION "Resonance"

Yuki and Kaname have found living in the same town as Zero has become to dangerous. Knowing this, Kaname takes Yuki to a secret village in which only he knows about. This village is found in the middle of a forest almost compleatly out of view. Something about the village makes Yuki feel uneasy. Is this just a feeling, or is something really coming for Yuki?
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I loved the ending. And I wanted more, but, great job with the books. I just loved them ;)
hmm i would like to ask is this the real story about vampire knight or u just write it ... i mean the fake story ? >.<
i have been waiting for 8 Months for Resonance to be posted. when will it start to be posted? 

PS: My old username was GraycedeGroot
I really hate that Zero N Maria should be in love. x-x It should be Zero and Yuuki :< His love will conquer.. Kanames.. Lmao ):

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