The School's Jerk Thinks He Owns Me [Fat Chance]

Michele just moved to a new school, a new life. Yet, on her first day of her sophomore year, she manages to screw up and get on the bad side of the school's jerk. Oops, bad idea. Then suddenly, he becomes more possesive and aggressive. What the heck?
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ham oh my gosh I'm dying of laughter, he doesn't sound exactly threatening does he?
I imagine moving his palm out infrount of him saying over and over again, this bitch
my stupid school doesn't let us have lockers we have to carry are backpack s all around
I'm sorry but i can't if there's bad grammar.. I'm just OCD and I'd probably have a panic attack. I might try later tho
I'd love to see him take this bĂ­tch ponytail, rip her from the table, while she crying, and beat her up.
It wasn't really a person who killed him it was a severe disease call assholE syndrome

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