The School's Jerk Thinks He Owns Me [Fat Chance]

Michele just moved to a new school, a new life. Yet, on her first day of her sophomore year, she manages to screw up and get on the bad side of the school's jerk. Oops, bad idea. Then suddenly, he becomes more possesive and aggressive. What the heck?
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It wasn't really a person who killed him it was a severe disease call assholE syndrome
Lol his last name has "ham" in it hahah. Oh I'm so immature *wiles fake tear of laughing*....
It was this guy named Nate he died and thought Luke was perfect for.the job of god
I hate when people at school are like this is my seat and I'm all like do you see a name this results in me getting kicked out of class -sigh-
Dude is she's being all sassy, she should have said, "well, I'm NOBODY and is perfect, haha, I'm PERFECT!"
Well it actually was a disease that killed him... The disease was assholesis 
It can be very deadly

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