When You Can't Sleep at Night.

PREVIOUSLY; My Understandings. <3 Jenna Michelson always thought she'd work in a music stores, and she always hoped that she'd see Austin walking throught the double doors of her Uncle's music shop 'When It Came To Music.' When Austin left to live in Ohio and pursue his music career, she stopped expecting him to come in....That is until he came in five years later with his new band; Of Mice & Men. cr0ssy0urfingers made the awesome cover. <3
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Your work is very good. I say Elemtary because its what Sherlock says and I am a Sherlock fan.
:) Tara luffs it!!
lol I luff that name
Says a lot, you know?
Keep up the work, girlie!!!
Nice Canadian "slang" lol
@OpenYourMind I'm using those!! And Austin and Susana have an interview with Bryan :D
@OpenYourMind Oh :P I'm hyper, I forget schtuff. If you want, PM me, and you can get a sneaky peak of the next chaptah!! :D
@OpenYourMind :D It's his hair, I'm tellin' ya
That'd be EPIC
I had sugar and music, I'm hyper :P
No problem.
*screams* OH
He knows?! O_O
Silly Alan ^-^
Keep up the good work, girly :D

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