My new life with Damon Salvatore

Torries life was like any other seventeen year old's life. She had school, boy drama and friends. But the night that she met Damon Salvatore her whole life was turned upside down, and now she has to cope with the new changes in her life.
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Haha me and my little sis singed that song for a birthday party we got a lot of stares 
please read mine. i vote back. damon and stefan lovers read ;)
There is not much of creativity you just imagined yourself as one of the cast of TVD :D but its kinda cute ;)
You havent updated in 3 months! Please update, this is my all time favourite book!!!
Best story ive ever read!! 
PLLLSS upload the next chapterr
Oh bethany i love you so much,i've been following your story for months and you're fantastic.I love your writing styles and the twist you take in your fanfics

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