Redemption [Harry Styles]

a girl once told me to be careful when trying to fix a broken person because you may cut yourself on their sharp edges [k.w]
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Omg, im not a fan of one direction at all. My friend requested this to me and without even reading the first chapter i can tell it's good :))
I love this story so much!!! Please check out my Harry Styles fanfiction it's called-Fall
it's on my profile
I bet half the people commenting dont listen to any other songs by imagine dragons....
October 20, 2014 1:02am on a school night it's a Sunday a rainy Sunday it's dark and I'm freezing cold :)
Is this another addicting Fic I smell? I sure damn hope it is bc I've read to many and now the amount of good fanfics are underpopulated
I've read something like this before, and they hide it so they can date other people or something?

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