Paying for His Mistakes Watty Awards 2012

34 Part Story 8.7M Reads 138K Votes
dadelik By dadelik Updated 2 months ago
Sarah Crossen is rejected by her mate, all because of something her father had done. Dejected Sarah forces herself to go on. Why? Because she is pregnant. When the pack discovered that she is, she is more hated than ever. Especially by her mate Conrad. Even though he rejected her, she still got herself pregnant! With no one left to turn too Sarah has to face the hardest thing she will ever deal with in her life.
jbgurl4eva1100 jbgurl4eva1100 5 days ago
fifth time n my eyes still turn into slits whenever conrad's mentioned
This books just brings out all the feels... More feels than TFIOS for me :'(
GallinaBrindamour GallinaBrindamour 15 days ago
i am bout to cry,he is sooo cruel.If i was him,i would get the hell out,and leave.ASAP
infernal_stars infernal_stars 17 days ago
Hehe about that. I may have been the one to spill the water to make it slip....
this is unique. usually when the wolf takes over, the wolf is like ILY and it would be the guy that's like GTFO